How to Make a Galley Kitchen Look Bigger?

How to Make a Galley Kitchen Look Bigger?

If you’re dealing with a galley kitchen, then you know that it can be a bit of a challenge to make it look and feel bigger. These kitchens are often quite narrow and cramped, which can make preparing meals and hosting guests a bit difficult. However, there are some things that you can do to make your galley kitchen seem more spacious. This article will discuss some tips and tricks for making your small kitchen appear larger!

What is a Galley Kitchen?

A galley kitchen is a compact, efficient kitchen design that typically consists of two parallel runs of cabinets and countertops on either side of a central aisle or corridor. This type of kitchen layout is commonly used in smaller homes and apartments, where space for a full-sized kitchen is limited. Despite its small size, the galley kitchen can be incredibly functional and stylish, making it an excellent choice for those with limited space. 

One advantage to this style of kitchen is its efficiency; items like refrigerators and ovens can easily be placed along the walls within reach from either side. Additionally, strategically placing cabinetry above, below, or beside appliances makes storage easy and convenient. In addition, working in a galley-style kitchen allows the cook to have everything within reach, including spices, utensils, and ingredients.

For those who are short on space but still want a functional kitchen, the galley kitchen is an excellent choice. With limited room for large furniture or appliances, this design allows you to maximize the available space while creating an efficient cooking environment. Additionally, because of its small size, it is often easier to keep clean than other larger kitchens. With careful planning and thoughtful design elements such as open shelving or hidden storage solutions, your galley kitchen can be both attractive and highly functional.

What is a Galley Kitchen?

Furthermore, there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling a galley kitchen. From sleek modern designs to cozy traditional looks — countless options exist depending on your style and preferences [1].

How to Make a Galley Kitchen Look Bigger?

Add lighting

Adding extra lighting to your galley kitchen can open up the space. You could choose to install task lighting under your cabinets, pendant lights above an island or peninsula, or even light strips in the ceiling. This will help create a brighter atmosphere and make the room feel bigger.

Choose lighter colors

Using lighter colors for walls, tiles, and cabinets helps to give an illusion of more space in smaller areas. Go for light colors like whites, beiges, and pastels as these can help reflect more natural light into the room making it look larger than it is. You could also add some pops of color with accessories like towels or cookware for added interest.

Install mirrors

Another great way to make a galley kitchen look bigger is to install mirrors. Mirrors are great for reflecting light and can really help open up the space. You could hang a large mirror on one wall or even place several smaller ones around the room to create the illusion of more space.

Opt for open shelving

Open shelving is a great way to store items while also making your galley kitchen appear larger. Opting for open shelves instead of bulky cabinets will give the illusion of more space and make it feel less cramped. You can use these shelves to store small items like dishes, spices, and cookbooks while still keeping everything within easy reach. 

Bring in plants

Adding some greenery to your galley kitchen can help make it feel more inviting and spacious. Opt for some potted plants or fresh-cut flowers that can be arranged on the counters or shelves to brighten up the space. Not only will this add a touch of color, but it can also help purify the air in your kitchen making it a nicer place to spend time in.

Declutter the cabinets

Decluttering your cabinets is a great way to make your galley kitchen look bigger. Get rid of any items that you don’t need or use, and reorganize what’s left so everything can be easily accessed. This will help to reduce the amount of clutter in the room and make it appear less crowded.

Remove bulky appliances

If possible, try to remove any bulky appliances from your galley kitchen as they can take up too much space. Opt for compact versions of larger appliances like microwaves and refrigerators, or move them out into another room if necessary. Removing these items will help make your galley kitchen feel more open and spacious.

Reconsider the size of your sink

If you have a large sink in your galley kitchen, this can take up a lot of space and make the room feel more cramped. Consider replacing it with a smaller one or installing two separate sinks instead which can help create more space and give the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Opt for open shelving

Add an island

Adding an island to your galley kitchen is another great way to open up the space. You could choose to install a movable island that allows for extra storage and countertop space, or even just a small breakfast bar for casual dining. This will help create more room while also making it easier to move around in the kitchen.

Find hanging storage solutions

If you’re tight on space, look for hanging storage solutions like pot racks and magnetic strips that can help keep things off the countertops. This will help to reduce clutter and make it easier to move around in your kitchen while still keeping items within reach.

Opt for sliding doors

Using sliding doors instead of traditional hinged ones can help make a galley kitchen feel bigger. Sliding doors take up less space when open and can be used to conceal shelves or appliances so they don’t disrupt the room’s flow. You could also use them to hide away any messes or clutter quickly when you need to.

Utilize tighter spaces

If your galley kitchen has any tight spaces, such as a corner or an alcove, make sure to utilize them. You could hang shelves in the corner for extra storage, or install a small bar area with stools to give you more counter space.

Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers can be a great way to make better use of the space in your galley kitchen. Installing these will help you organize items and keep them within easy reach so you don’t have to rummage through cluttered drawers whenever you need something.

Use the window

If your galley kitchen has a window, make sure to utilize it. You can hang curtains or shades to bring in more light and make the space feel larger. You could also use the window as an area for extra storage by installing shelves or hooks to help keep items off the countertops.

Use lengthwise flooring

Adding flooring that runs lengthwise in your galley kitchen can help create an illusion of space. This will draw the eye to the back of the room and make it feel bigger. You could also opt for light-colored flooring or tiles with reflective surfaces as these can further enhance the feeling of spaciousness [2].

Things That Make a Galley Kitchen Look Small

Heavy Shadows

Heavy shadows can make a galley kitchen look small. Natural light is key in making a space appear larger as it reflects off of surfaces and makes the kitchen feel more spacious and open. Dark colors, such as black appliances or cabinets, can also create heavy shadows that will shrink the size of your kitchen.

Too Many Open Shelves

Open shelves are great for storage, but too many can make the walls look cluttered and cramped. Instead of filling up every inch with shelves, use boxes or baskets to store items away on shelves and out of sight. This will give the illusion of an airier kitchen without taking up valuable wall space.

Dark Colors

Dark colors can make a galley kitchen feel small and cramped. Stick to light, neutral colors like whites and beiges or pastels to open up the kitchen and create a larger feel. For example, white cabinets paired with light gray walls can open up the space and brighten it.


A cluttered kitchen is an obvious factor in making a galley kitchen appear small. Keep counters free of nonessential items and keep drawers free of excess clutter for best results. If necessary, use baskets or bins under the countertop to store away items that may not be used daily. This will help declutter the kitchen and make it look more spacious.

Lack of Decorative Elements

A galley kitchen can be made to feel larger with the addition of some decorative elements. Hang artwork on the walls, add rugs and plants for color, or even use wall sconces to create a cozy atmosphere that will open up the space and make it appear bigger than it is. This will also make the kitchen feel inviting and comfortable for guests.

Things That Make a Galley Kitchen Look Small

Matte Surfaces

Matte surfaces, such as matte paint or countertops, can make the kitchen feel dark and dull. Glossy finishes on cabinets and counters will reflect more light around the space and make it appear larger. Adding a glossy finish to the walls or a backsplash can also help open up the kitchen and give it an airy feel.

Bistro Curtains

Bistro curtains hung up on the walls of a galley kitchen will make it look cramped and small. Instead, opt for full-length drapes that hang from the ceiling to the floor. This will draw the eye up and open up the space, making it appear larger than it is.

Poor Layout

When designing a galley kitchen, pay attention to layout and ensure that everything flows logically from one end of the kitchen to the other. A poor layout can cause bottlenecks when moving around or create awkward walkways that take up valuable space in a small kitchen. Ensure there is enough room between appliances and cabinets so you can move freely throughout your kitchen without hitting anything [3].

Galley kitchens are incredibly popular for their efficient use of space and modern aesthetic. Here are some of the most popular designs for galley kitchens:

  1. Traditional Galley Kitchen: This design features two parallel walls with cabinets, countertops, and appliances lining them. The hallway between the walls is just wide enough to allow someone to move through while cooking;
  2.  U-Shaped Galley Kitchen: A slight variation on the traditional design, this kitchen features three walls instead of two, creating a “U” shape which allows more room to work in the kitchen while still making it easy to access each side;
  3. Open Concept Galley Kitchen: By removing one wall or portion of a wall, an open concept galley kitchen is created. This design allows for more social interaction and can often be combined with other rooms in the house;
  4. Island Galley Kitchen: For those who have a bit more space to work with, an island galley kitchen can be set up. An island or peninsula is added to the center of the kitchen, creating additional counter and cabinet space as well as providing a central focus point;
  5. Contemporary Galley Kitchen: This design combines modern aesthetics such as sleek cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and bright colors with classic elements like traditional cabinetry styles and subway tile backsplashes to create a contemporary look that feels timeless yet stylish;

No matter which style you choose, a galley kitchen can be an incredibly efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to make the most of your space. With the help of a professional designer, you can create a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and reflects your unique style.

Popular Designs of Galley Kitchens 


How do you make a narrow galley kitchen look bigger?

There are several ways to make a narrow galley kitchen look bigger. One of the most effective is to use light colors and reflective surfaces when choosing cabinets, floors, walls, and countertops. This will help create an illusion of space by reflecting the natural light from windows or other sources in the room. Additionally, hanging large mirrors or artwork on opposite walls can also help create depth and make the kitchen look larger. Finally, using open shelving instead of upper cabinetry can give the illusion of more space by allowing for airy visual flow through the kitchen. By implementing these strategies, you can easily transform a narrow galley kitchen into one that looks bigger and brighter!

How do you modernize a galley kitchen?

Modernizing a galley kitchen is a great way to update the look and feel of the space. One of the easiest ways to modernize a galley kitchen is by changing out hardware, such as cabinet pulls and drawer handles. Replacing these with sleeker, more contemporary designs can instantly give your galley kitchen a more modern look.

Additionally, introducing stainless steel appliances or light-colored stone materials for countertops and backsplashes will also help modernize the space. Finally, painting walls in bright colors or adding bold accent pieces can also help create a more modern atmosphere in the room. By implementing these strategies, you can easily upgrade the style of your galley kitchen!

What are some tips for maximizing storage in a galley kitchen?

Maximizing storage in a galley kitchen can be challenging, but there are several tips to help make the most of the space. Firstly, utilizing drawers and pull-out shelving for cabinets can help create more room for items that would otherwise take up countertop space. Additionally, installing open shelves along one wall can also provide extra storage options without compromising on style or creating clutter. Finally, making use of vertical space with hanging baskets or racks is another great way to maximize storage while keeping the kitchen looking neat and organized. By implementing these strategies, you can easily maximize storage in your galley kitchen!

What should I consider when planning a galley kitchen layout?

When planning a galley kitchen layout, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, be sure to measure the space and plan out how appliances and storage will fit in the room. Additionally, think about which tasks are done most often, such as meal prep or cooking, and make sure that those areas have enough space for easy access. Finally, consider the traffic flow through the kitchen when deciding on where items should be placed.

What are some tips for maximizing storage in a galley kitchen?

How can I make my galley kitchen look good?

Making a galley kitchen look good is all about utilizing the space to create an inviting atmosphere. One of the best ways to achieve this is by adding color and texture with paint, tile, or wallpaper. Additionally, incorporating natural materials like wood or stone can help add warmth and depth to the room. Finally, introducing plants or greenery can also help liven up the space and make it more inviting. By implementing these strategies, you can easily create a stylish galley kitchen!

What are the disadvantages of the galley kitchen layout?

The main disadvantage of a galley kitchen layout is that it can be cramped and cluttered due to the lack of space. Additionally, the size of the room may limit the amount of storage available, making it difficult to store large items or appliances. Finally, traffic flow between the two sides can also be an issue as there generally isn’t much room for multiple people to move around in a galley kitchen. Therefore, it’s important to consider these factors when planning out your galley kitchen design.

Where should a refrigerator go in a galley kitchen?

A refrigerator should be placed along one of the walls in a galley kitchen, preferably near an entry or exit point. Additionally, it should also be close to a water source, such as a sink or dishwasher. Placing the refrigerator in this spot allows easy access and prevents traffic jams throughout the room. Finally, if possible, having the refrigerator at eye level can also help make food preparation easier. By implementing these strategies, you can easily maximize storage in your galley kitchen! The layout of your galley kitchen is important for making sure that it’s efficient and organized.

How do you brighten a small galley kitchen?

Brightening a small galley kitchen can help make it appear larger and more inviting. One of the best ways to achieve this is by introducing light colors throughout the room, such as white, cream, or beige. Additionally, adding mirrors can also help reflect light and create an airier atmosphere. Finally, consider utilizing natural lighting with windows or skylights to further open up the space. By implementing these strategies, you can easily brighten up your galley kitchen!

How do you make a narrow kitchen look wider?

Making a narrow galley kitchen appear wider can be done by incorporating various design techniques. Firstly, consider introducing lighter colors throughout the room as this will help create an airier atmosphere. Additionally, adding reflective materials like mirrors or glass can also help to create an illusion of space. Finally, utilizing vertical storage with shelves or racks is another great way to maximize space while still keeping the area looking neat and organized.

How do you brighten a small galley kitchen?

How do you make a galley kitchen sociable?

Making a galley kitchen more sociable can be done by introducing seating or bar areas. Additionally, consider adding an island to the center of the room as this allows for extra counter space and storage while also providing a place to socialize. Finally, bringing in some plants or greenery can help make the area feel more inviting and cozy.

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A galley kitchen can be an incredibly efficient and attractive way to maximize the potential of a small space. By making use of the vertical space, implementing clever storage solutions, choosing ergonomic appliances, and utilizing natural lighting, you can create a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. If you’re looking for ways to make your galley kitchen more comfortable, larger, and organized, these ideas should help get you started. With some creative planning and thoughtful design decisions, you’ll be able to make your galley kitchen work for you.