How to Hide Trash Cans in Kitchen?

How to Hide Trash Cans in Kitchen?

How do you keep your kitchen clean and organized? One of the best ways is to hide your trash cans. It’s a dilemma that every homeowner faces at some point: how to hide the trash cans so they’re not an eyesore, but still keep them easily accessible? It can be tough to find the right spot for them, and if you’re not careful, they can quickly become cluttered and messy. This article will discuss several options for hiding your trash cans in your kitchen so that they are out of sight and out of mind!

Why Do You Need Trash Cans? 

Trash cans are essential for helping to keep our environment clean and neat. They provide a way of storing garbage and waste in areas that need it, such as parks, public spaces, businesses, and homes. Trash cans help keep these areas from becoming overwhelmed by litter and trash. Not only do they help reduce the amount of garbage on the ground, but they also make it easier to dispose of waste properly without having to carry it around all day or risk leaving it out in the open where birds, animals, or other people can come into contact with it.

Trash cans also protect against the spread of disease by preventing food scraps and other potentially hazardous materials from being left out in the open where bacteria and pathogens can grow. In addition to providing a safe place for waste to be stored, trash cans can also help reduce the amount of time needed for cleaning up messes. By having a designated spot where all garbage and waste should go, it is less likely that people will leave their mess in other areas like sidewalks or streets.

Why Do You Need Trash Cans? 

Finally, having dedicated containers for waste also helps create a cleaner and more organized environment overall. People are less likely to litter when there’s an easy way for them to dispose of their garbage properly, which helps keep their communities looking better and more presentable. Trash cans are an essential part of keeping the environment clean and helping maintain a healthy living space for everyone to enjoy [1].

Useful Features for A Convenient Trash Can


When it comes to choosing the right materials for a trash can, make sure you pick something durable and easy to clean. Plastic or metal are both excellent options. Look for one with a smooth surface that won’t easily harbor bacteria or odors.

Size and capacity

The size of your trash can will depend on how much space you have available and what type of waste it will be used for. For example, a small kitchen trash can may not hold enough volume if you plan on using it in an office setting, while larger models may be too cumbersome in a tight space. Consider the amount of waste generated and measure the area where the bin will go before making your purchase. The small trash cans can have dimensions of 10” x 10” and large ones can measure up to 18” x 28. According to the dimensions, trash cans can have different capacities such as 4.5 gallons, 9 gallons, 12 gallons, and so on. 


Be sure to look for a trash can that has handles for ease of movement and transport if desired. Many models come with built-in handles but some may require additional accessories. Most handles are made of plastic or metal and some may come with rubberized grips to make it easier to lift the bin.

Can Design

Trash cans come in many different shapes, colors, designs, sizes, materials—the list goes on. Choose one that fits your decor and aesthetic preferences. Many models also offer additional features such as odor filters or garbage bags specifically made for the size of the bin. If you’re looking to add a little extra style and flair, there are even some models with custom designs or artwork available [2].

Lid design

The lid is an important consideration when choosing a trash can. Look for one with a secure fit to discourage animals or pests from accessing the contents. A hinged lid that stays open while you are throwing away items is also convenient since it doesn’t require manual operation each time you need to discard something. If possible, choose a model with multiple lids in different colors to easily differentiate between types of waste (i.e., paper versus food scraps).

Useful Features for A Convenient Trash Can


If you anticipate needing to move the trash can frequently, then a model with wheels or casters is essential. A wheeled bin can easily be moved from one location to another without any heavy lifting. Most models come with two or four wheels and many have brakes to keep them in place when not in use.

Built-in liner

A built-in liner can be a great feature to look for in a trash can. This is especially useful if you don’t want to have to buy and change out separate garbage bags all the time. Some models even come with a handle or latch on the side so you can quickly and easily lift out the liner when it’s full.

Bag Retainer Rings

Bag retainer rings are also helpful, as they secure the garbage bag in place so it doesn’t slip down into the bin and create a mess. Many models come with these pre-installed but others may require an additional accessory. The rings are usually made of either plastic or metal and some may even have clips that allow you to adjust their size according to the type of bag being used.

Foot Pedal

Trash cans that feature a foot pedal are incredibly convenient, as they allow you to open the lid without having to touch it. This can be especially beneficial in environments where hygiene is paramount or you simply don’t want to get your hands dirty. Look for models with a sturdy design and strong springs so the lid opens and closes securely each time.


The last factor to consider when shopping for a trash can is price. Do your research and compare prices before making a purchase. Look for one that fits within your budget but still offers quality features and materials. Keep in mind that investing in a higher-end model may save you money in the long run as it will likely be more durable over time and require less frequent replacements. The average prices range from $ 20-100.

Types of Trash Cans in Kitchen

Trash cans come in many shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your kitchen needs. From standard plastic or metal cans to creative solutions like pull-out bins and tilt-out hampers, you’ll find what you need for a tidy kitchen.

  1. Standard Plastic or Metal Cans: These are the most common type of trash can found in kitchens. They typically come with lids that swing open and close depending on which way it’s pulled. They’re usually sold as single units or in sets of multiple cans;
  2. Pull-Out Bins: A great space saver since they slide out from under the sink when needed and easily slide back in when not in use! The bins are usually made of plastic or metal, and come in a variety of sizes;
  3. Tilt-Out Hampers: These are perfect for those who don’t want to invest in a larger pull-out bin. The tilt-out feature allows you to easily grab the trash without having to take it out from under the sink;
  4. Motion Activated Cans: These high-tech cans open up when they sense motion near them. They’re great for busy kitchens with lots of people coming and going;
  5. Multi-Compartment Trash Cans: If you have different types of garbage that need sorting, these are the cans for you! They usually come with several separate compartments labeled for different types of trash like recyclables, compost, and garbage;
  6. Decorative Cans: If you want something that looks nice in your kitchen, decorative cans are the way to go. They come in a variety of materials like wood, stainless steel, and ceramic so you can find one that matches your kitchen decor;

Types of Trash Cans in Kitchen

No matter which type of trash can you choose for your kitchen, make sure it’s big enough to accommodate all the waste generated by your family. You’ll also want to consider how often you need to empty it out as well as any additional features that might be beneficial for your needs. With so many options available, finding the perfect trash can for your kitchen should be easy [3]!

How to Hide Trash Cans in the Kitchen?

Install a Pull-Out Cabinet Drawer for Easier Access

The easiest way to hide your trash can in the kitchen is to install a pull-out cabinet drawer underneath your sink. This will make it easier for you to access the can, as well as keep it out of sight when not being used. You can also purchase pull-out drawers that come with lids so you won’t have to worry about odors or pests getting into the trash.

Put Your Trash Can in an Unused Corner

If you don’t have much room underneath your sink, then consider putting your trash can in an unused corner of the kitchen. It could be tucked away between two counters, behind a refrigerator, or even on top of a high shelf. This will give you easy access while still keeping your trash can out of sight.

Invest In A Motion-Sensing Garbage Bin

A motion-sensing garbage bin is another great way to keep your trash can out of sight in the kitchen. This type of bin uses sensors to open and close its lid automatically when it detects movement. This will not only keep the can hidden, but it will also help to contain any odors or pests.

Get a Kitchen Cart with a Trash Compartment

If you have enough space in your kitchen, a kitchen cart with a trash compartment can be the perfect solution. This gives you plenty of storage and counter space while also providing a designated spot for your garbage can. You can even hide the trash bin inside the closed cabinet when it’s not being used. These carts come in many different styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly in your kitchen.

Invest In A Motion-Sensing Garbage Bin

Try a Tilt for Smaller Spaces

If you’re tight on space, then tilt-out trash can might be the best option for you. This type of can is designed to fit into small corners and it slides out for easy access. They come in many different sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly in your kitchen. Plus, when it’s closed, the tilt-out will keep any odors or pests from getting inside.

Use an Over-the-Door Hanging Trash Can

Finally, an over-the-door hanging trash can is another great way to keep your garbage out of sight in the kitchen. This type of trash can hangs on the back of almost any door, giving you easy access to throw away food scraps and other garbage. Plus, when it’s not in use, it can be easily hidden behind the door [4].

These are just a few of the options you have for hiding your trash cans in the kitchen. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen looking clean and organized while still having easy access to your garbage. So try out one of these methods and see how much simpler it makes keeping your kitchen tidy!

How to Maintain Trash Cans in The Kitchen?

Keeping trash cans clean and organized in the kitchen is essential for a healthy home environment. Here are some tips to help maintain your kitchen trash cans:

  1. Empty the bins regularly: Taking out the garbage often prevents odors from building up, which can attract pests and make the space unpleasant. It’s also important to keep an eye on how full your bins are becoming so you won’t have to deal with overflowing garbage when it’s time to take out the trash;
  2. Line the bins with plastic bags: Lining the inside of each bin with a fresh plastic bag helps contain any messes and makes it easier to empty them later on. You may also want to consider using odor-fighting garbage bags if necessary;
  3. Clean the bins regularly: Keeping your trash cans clean is an important part of maintaining a healthy kitchen environment. Wash them out with warm soapy water or white vinegar and rinse well to prevent the buildup of germs, dirt, and grime;
  4. Store bins in the right spot: Finding the best place for your bins can help keep odors at bay. Place them away from food-preparation areas and make sure they’re easy to access when it’s time to take out the garbage;
  5. Use air fresheners: Using a natural air freshener such as baking soda can help mask any existing odors in the kitchen trash cans [5];

Hiding Trash Cans in the Kitchen

Tired of unsightly trash cans cluttering your kitchen? Here’s a comparison of common solutions, precautions, and methods to hide trash cans effectively.

Common Solutions Precautions Methods
Use a pull-out cabinet Ensure the cabinet size accommodates your trash can and consider ease of access. Install a pull-out cabinet with a built-in trash can holder for discreet storage.
Utilize under-sink space Check for plumbing and storage space limitations under the sink. Place a trash can or recycling bin beneath the sink for hidden storage.
Opt for a built-in compartment Consider the kitchen layout and available space for built-in solutions. Install a custom-built trash can compartment that blends seamlessly with your cabinetry.
Use a dedicated pantry Ensure you have enough pantry space and accessibility. Designate a section of your pantry for concealed trash can storage.

Explanation of the table:

This table provides a comparison of common solutions, precautions, and methods to hide trash cans in the kitchen. It covers options such as using a pull-out cabinet, utilizing under-sink space, opting for built-in compartments, and dedicating a pantry section for discreet trash can storage. By following these solutions and considering precautions, you can keep your kitchen tidy and free from visible trash cans.


How do you hide trash cans in a small kitchen?

There are several ways to hide trash cans in a small kitchen. One option is to use an under-cabinet pull-out drawer or door system. This will allow you to keep the trash can out of sight while still keeping it accessible. Another option is to use a tilt-out trash can cabinet, which allows you to keep the trash can hidden while still having easy access when needed. You can also store your trash bin inside a larger cupboard or pantry, making it completely hidden from view. Finally, if space allows, consider installing a pull-out garbage disposal unit that takes up minimal space and keeps your waste out of sight.

What type of material should I use to line my kitchen trash can?

The best type of material to line a kitchen trash can is a heavy-duty plastic bag. This will help keep odors contained and make it easier to empty the trash when needed. You should also consider using a trash bag with an elastic drawstring closure, which will make it easy for you to close off any odors that may escape. Additionally, if you plan on using the same bag in multiple locations, consider buying a set of bags that are color-coded so that you know where each one goes.

How often should I empty my kitchen trash bin?

It is recommended that kitchen trash bins be emptied at least once per week. However, depending on how much food waste your household generates, you may need to empty the bin more often than that. Additionally, if you have a pet in your home, it is important to keep an eye on their food and litter box waste, as this can accumulate quickly and cause odors inside your kitchen. 

How often should I empty my kitchen trash bin?

What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to dealing with their kitchen trash?

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to dealing with their kitchen trash is not emptying and cleaning their bins regularly. Not only does this lead to nasty odors, but it also increases the risk of attracting pests such as rodents or insects into your home. Additionally, many people fail to use adequate bags or liners when disposing of food waste, leading to even worse odors and an increased risk of contamination. Finally, some people don’t use separate containers to store different kinds of waste, such as compost and regular trash, leading to confusion and unhygienic conditions.

What can I use instead of a bin bag?

If you don’t want to use a traditional bin bag, there are other options available. Some people choose to line their bins with newspaper or old cardboard boxes, which can be emptied and disposed of easily. Alternatively, many stores now sell reusable and compostable liners that you can use instead of traditional plastic bags. These liners are made from renewable materials such as corn starch or bamboo fiber, and they are designed to break down naturally in the environment over time.

What are some creative ways to hide kitchen trash cans while keeping them easily accessible?

There are several creative ways to hide kitchen trash cans while keeping them accessible. You can use pull-out trash can cabinets, under-sink pull-out drawers, tilt-out cabinet doors, or dedicated trash can compartments within your kitchen island.

How can I incorporate a recycling station into my kitchen to complement my hidden trash cans?

To incorporate a recycling station into your kitchen alongside hidden trash cans, you can designate separate compartments within your cabinets or pull-out drawers for recyclables. Use bins or containers for different types of recyclables like paper, plastic, and glass to make recycling convenient.

Are there options for integrating a trash compactor into my kitchen to reduce the volume of trash and minimize its visibility?

Yes, you can integrate a trash compactor into your kitchen to reduce the volume of trash. Trash compactors compress waste, allowing you to use smaller trash cans or empty them less frequently. This can help minimize the visibility of your trash cans.

What should I consider when selecting the right location within my kitchen to hide trash cans?

When selecting a location to hide trash cans in your kitchen, consider accessibility, convenience, and proximity to food preparation areas. Common locations include under the sink, inside a pull-out cabinet, near the kitchen island, or within a dedicated pantry or utility room.

What are some DIY ideas for concealing kitchen trash cans if I prefer a budget-friendly solution?

If you prefer a budget-friendly solution, you can consider DIY options like building a wooden trash can cabinet, creating a faux cabinet door to hide trash cans, or using decorative screens or curtains to conceal them. These ideas can add a personalized touch to your kitchen while keeping your budget in check.

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Trash cans are an important addition to any home, office, or public space. Not only do they provide a convenient way to store and dispose of waste, but they also help keep our environment clean by preventing the spread of disease and reducing litter in our streets. Trash cans should be hidden away and emptied regularly to keep the area clean and sanitary. They should also be made of durable materials such as metal or plastic that can withstand wear and tear from outdoor elements.